Blank Leaves

Blank Leaves


  • Prinz Blank Leaves

    The blank system Classic is something for individualists and offers the option of adding special items to your pre-printed album. You can easily expand your collection according to your own wishes (e.g. blocks, varieties, misprints or joint issues ...). Of course, you can also put together a complete album individually. 

  • Lindner Blank Leaves

    LINDNER Blank-pages are offered in many different styles and colours. Collectors can create a customized collection since it is so easy to label, print, colour, glue or cut the durable cardboard pages. The pages are made of our special PERMAPHIL®-cardboard: It is acid-free, neutrally bonded and natural and absolutely age-resistant. The Blank-pages in A4 Format can be used with PC, Laser, ink jet printer, as well as, old-fashioned typewriters to create descriptions and write-ups.

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